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Dave Byron - Legend

Dave Byron - Legend
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This CD features Dave Byron's shred "instru-metal" guitar music.

Track Listing

  1. [4:14]
  2. [4:29]
  3. [3:31]
  4. [6:51]
  5. [4:06]
  6. [9:45]
  7. [6:37]
  8. [3:52]
  9. [7:53]
  10. [7:17]

Dave Byron

Dave ByronDave Byron was born on November 17, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 11, Dave started playing guitar. He took his only guitar lessons from his grade school teacher, who taught him basic chords. At that time Dave had no guitar at home so the school allowed him to take the guitar from school home; ironically it was a classical guitar.
Within the first year of playing guitar, the school had Dave performing at assembly halls that held 300 -500 people. Dave then started experiencing on his own advanced chord progressions which took his grade school teacher by surprise. What contributed to Dave’s advanced ability to learn chord progressions came from his dad, who would play classical music at home.
At the age of twelve, Dave’s dad bought him his first electric guitar. One year…

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Aurora, IL. - USA.

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Music Label

TransAcoustic Productions, Inc.

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