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Jesper Sørensen - A New Time

Jesper Sørensen - A New Time
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"A NEW TIME" is guitar and piano based, composed of 11 tracks in the Electronic, Ambient, Downbeat and Acoustic genres, mainly influenced by Mike Oldfield.


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Track Listing

  1. [7:17]
  2. [7:40]
  3. [9:30]
  4. [8:31]
  5. [8:07]
  6. [4:48]
  7. [2:50]
  8. [3:16]
  9. [4:43]
  10. [5:42]
  11. [3:30]

Jesper Sørensen

Jesper Sørensen was born in 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At age 11 he started playing the guitar, and started to write his own music when he was 14, improvising on various techniques, and went on to teach himself to play a range of other instruments. His primary influences are Mike Oldfield, Mark Knopfler, and Jean Michel Jarre.
At the age of 20 he formed his first band, 4us, and through playing in various clubs and universities was invited to appear on the Danish national radio. After a break of some years he and 3 friends formed Half and Half, a cover version band, which became very popular, and he spent the next 2 years performing and appearing again on the Danish radio.
He continued to experiment with different styles of music and in 2000 moved to England where he now lives with his…

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York - England.

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