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Frank Rosiak - The First Cuts

Frank Rosiak - The First Cuts
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14 instrumental tracks composed in a wide variety of styles and formats. An eclectic mix of moods and melodies with something to suit everyone.

Track Listing

  1. [2:16]
  2. [2:47]
  3. [2:38]
  4. [2:59]
  5. [2:09]
  6. [3:49]
  7. [2:56]
  8. [2:56]
  9. [2:35]
  10. [2:51]
  11. [2:25]
  12. [3:32]
  13. [2:49]
  14. [3:45]

Frank Rosiak

Frank RosiakExperienced performer, composer and tutor - instruments are guitar, bass and sitar.
Studied classical guitar privately for 15 years with Simon James.
Devoted student for 14 years of Pandit Vijaykumar Jagtap who is a genuine master of sitar from Baroda, India.
Has performed extensively as a solo artist and as a member of various groups.
Currently plays bass in a 4-piece rock covers band performing classic rock songs from the 1970's up to the present.
For the last three years has been working as a solo artist composing instrumental music in a wide variety of genres.
The results of this is his first album – "The First Cuts" – a collection of 14 instrumentals, composed, performed and produced by the artist himself.

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Croydon, Surrey - England.

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