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Jjacob - LTP Learning To Play

Jjacob - LTP Learning To Play
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9 tracks, 57 minutes of instrumental electronic music (except one song) with some rock and orchestral elements. A rather "soundtrack like" dark album with some glades that asserts on existential, social and ecological issues.

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Track Listing

  1. [7:20]
  2. [5:40]
  3. [5:07]
  4. [7:14]
  5. [4:26]
  6. [5:13]
  7. [9:26]
  8. [8:16]
  9. [4:24]


Music lover and electronic music junkie.
Without knowing much about music i started to experiment on a home studio back in 2008. Working key by key without using loops or other preset forms, track after track i was encouraged by friends to go out public. A tough decision for a lone amateur "musician" but because of my love for music and the urge to share my creations, I finally got on the way to produce my debut album.
Not much more to say, just check some of the tracks and enjoy!

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Athens - Greece.

Music Label

Veiron Audio and Visual Producti

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EAN: 5214000009009