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Kirlian Aura - Kirlian Aura

Kirlian Aura - Kirlian Aura
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Kirlian Aura THERE IS NO COMPARISON Original progressive-rock instrumental compositions unsurpassed in terms of quality, execution, and content. It should be quantified primarily as an outlet to top-tier original music; material that constitutes a radical departure from the “music for the masses” ideology perpetuated via current songwriting, recording, and production trends and techniques. “Kirlian Aura” stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of music-based content currently available via the internet, airwaves, and

Track Listing

  1. [8:24]
  2. [2:10]
  3. [1:15]
  4. [1:35]
  5. [2:50]
  6. [6:14]
  7. [2:15]
  8. [1:40]
  9. [3:15]
  10. [3:10]
  11. [6:40]
  12. [3:05]
  13. [2:15]
  14. [3:14]
  15. [1:05]
  16. [1:15]
  17. [2:05]
  18. [7:35]
  19. [1:54]
  20. [2:20]
  21. [2:10]
  22. [0:50]
  23. [2:46]

Kirlian Aura

Keith Petty embarked on a musical journey starting in 1988, a pivotal year for cerebral rock and roll. The release of two landmark progressive-rock albums, “Rush's” Hold your Fire and “Blue Oyster Cult's” Imaginos ensured a continuing fascination with all things musical, with special emphasis on songwriting and compositional components taking center stage. Thus it is here where his interest in the creative/recording arts began to truly take form starting with a series of lessons performed on a number of first generation all analog synthesizers. Considered obsolete instruments by the technological standards of the day, as compositional tools they offered unprecedented advantages above and beyond the defacto standard of keyboard instruments, the…

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Augusta, GA - USA.

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