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Paula Maya - Paula

Paula Maya - Paula
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"With her second local release, Brazilian pianist/vocalist/songwriter Paula Maya cracks the Seattle code. Like the best of Northwest rock, "Paula" is hard to pin down, with touches of progressive rock, ska, and art metal snaking through guitarist Pat Hewitt's production. (...)" -Seattle Sound Magazine

Track Listing

  1. [4:44]
  2. [4:18]
  3. [2:58]
  4. [4:25]
  5. [3:30]
  6. [3:49]
  7. [4:04]
  8. [4:38]
  9. [4:31]
  10. [0:51]
  11. [5:34]

Paula Maya

Paula MayaBjork meets Jerry Lee Lewis. Resurrection is an eclectic and strong CD. The more you listen to it, the more you wanna go back and listen again. Ranging from the super fast SKA Rush, to the beautiful Electronica ballad Resurrection. "Paula Maya is the music of the future. She is a stellar singer, prolific songwriter and virtuoso keyboardist with a very fresh and unique sound" Bill White, Seattle PI
Paula grew up in Rio de Janeiro. She attended the Brazilian Federal University of Music and studied Jazz and Bossa Nova with legendary pianist Luiz Eca. In Brazil she shared stages with artists such as Djavan and Leila Pinheiro. But, as Rachel Shimp from the Weekly writes "you won't find her or her band doing covers of "Chove Chuva" or "Desafinado" - All her songs are original and…

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Seattle, WA - USA & Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

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Music Label

Yellow House Records

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