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Simon Bell - About Time EP

Simon Bell - About Time EP
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A collection of thoughtful songs written from the point of view of an older man looking back on life.

Track Listing

  1. [3:35]
  2. [2:27]
  3. [3:31]
  4. [4:01]

Simon Bell

SIMON BELL was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where he started singing with local Soul bands in the mid sixties. He relocated to London in the early seventies in order to further his career as both a singer & songwriter.

He signed as a writer to Sparta Florida Music under legendary writer Hal Shaper, then publisher Screen Gems-Columbia, and later with Roger Cook's Gas Songs.

When contracted to Gas Songs, Simon released his one & only single - "Givin' It Plenty", which was used on the soundtrack of 2 different movies - "No.1 Of The Secret Service" and "Tintorera".

At this time he was taken under the wing of U.S. Soul legend DORIS TROY who introduced Simon to the London session scene.

Among the artists he has worked with are, MARVIN GAYE, HOT CHOCOLATE, LULU, ELKIE BROOKS, JULIO…

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London, UK

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