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Sugar Blue - Code Blue

Sugar Blue - Code Blue
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Explosive Harmonica, soulful melodies and power grooves. The return of a true harp hero! The long awaited new release from Sugar Blue, one of the blues world's most distinctive and acclaimed harmonica virtuosos!

Track Listing

  1. [4:13]
  2. [5:40]
  3. [4:38]
  4. [4:50]
  5. [4:27]
  6. [5:48]
  7. [9:08]
  8. [3:30]
  9. [2:56]
  10. [5:44]
  11. [5:21]

Sugar Blue

Sugar BlueExplosive harmonica hero!
Grammy award-winning Sugar Blue has been called the Jimi Hendrix or the Charlie Parker of the harmonica, both appropriate names for the revolutionary and eclectic blues harpist.
He grew up listening to jazz - particularly Lester Young and Dexter Gordon - and soon fell in love with Muddy Waters and the blues greats. He has toured and recorded with the Rolling Stones, Willie Dixon, Bob Dylan, Stan Getz, Ray Charles, Frank Zappa, name a few...
His music is always astonishing and absolutely energetic!! A heart on fire, blowin' hot from the soul with the force of a gale!
And here comes the long awaited new CD:
CODE BLUE brings on the resurgence of one of harmonica's great masters!
CODE BLUE comes from the heart of tradition and the soul of an innovator!!

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New York - USA.

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