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Szylvia - The Voice Inside

Szylvia - The Voice Inside
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A base of requisite adult-contemporary styling with grandiose percussion and guitar licks provide a neat platform for bold, operatic vocals.

Track Listing

  1. [3:49]
  2. [4:04]
  3. [3:38]
  4. [2:57]
  5. [3:26]
  6. [4:51]
  7. [4:08]
  8. [5:00]
  9. [4:40]
  10. [3:54]
  11. [4:12]


Szylvia's music comes from the heart to express her feelings in a way that only she can. Szylvia has delivered on the promise of her much anticipated new album, The Voice Inside. It is packed with incredible songs that will move you. From the title song "Voice Inside You" to hit song "The Way We Were" to an incredible duet "Un Altra Vita" that will conger up thoughts of Bocelli and Brightman!

From her musical scholarships to the Music Conservatory of Luxembourg to her many emotion filled performances in Europe to her new home Los Angeles she leaves a trail filled with admirers. Szylvia's principal instrument is her voice, which she uses wonderfully to solicit beautiful emotions from her audience.

Szylvia writes, sings, arranges and produces her own songs. She has chosen a life of…

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Los Angeles, CA - USA.

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