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Tiffany Petrossi - Caravan

Tiffany Petrossi - Caravan
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Caravan, is a collection of song that takes the listener on a journey. Singer-Songwriter acoustic folksy pop rock.

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Track Listing

  1. [3:16]
  2. [3:56]
  3. [3:27]
  4. [3:41]
  5. [4:13]
  6. [2:39]
  7. [3:20]
  8. [2:17]
  9. [3:50]
  10. [2:49]
  11. [4:59]
  12. [4:45]

Tiffany Petrossi

With her latest effort, this hard working, independent, Singer-Songwriter sparkles. Her essence and honesty shine throughout the twelve tracks. Her musical arrangements complement the story-telling lyrics are delivered with her clear and compassionate vocals.
The album’s title, "Caravan," signifies the journey she embarks upon as a songwriter, musician, recording artist and person.
Tiffany Petrossi has ambitiously released three albums in less than three years. All were self produced through her independent record label, Esmeralda Records, named after a character she played in a Tennessee Williams play.
Tiffany has also made her mark in the music industry with her organization, Rockin' Moms,®" which she created to promote moms in music.
As an aspiring Rockin’ Mom herself, she wanted to…

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San Jose, California - USA.

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Music Label

Esmeralda Records

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