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Various - Journeyman (compilation)

Various - Journeyman (compilation)
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Compilation Album from Hot and Spicy Malaysia. Rock/Bangra/Reggae sung in English/Malay/Hindi/tamil an Electic range of World Music in a Modern Style.

Track Listing

  1. [4:45]
  2. [4:26]
  3. [4:39]
  4. [5:20]
  5. [4:00]
  6. [3:55]
  7. [3:46]
  8. [4:51]
  9. [4:15]
  10. [5:26]
  11. [4:21]
  12. [4:10]
  13. [6:06]
  14. [4:33]


Hi welcome to the DEATHSTAR PRODUCTIONS "JOURNEYMAN" Album. It is a Compilation Album.
We are a new Independant Record Company based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and our Aim is to promote our Local Musicians here to as many places overseas as possible with your help. See our website on
The Compilation Album comprises of 7 Bands singing in English/Malay/Hindi/Tamil and the style of music is Rock/Bangra/Reggae.
The artists are:

Colin Jansen singing in Bnagra with a heavy mix of Dance Music

Big Game Very Eagles/Chris Rea/Eric Clapton Chill out soft rock

Fasy Van halenish, Gary Moore just a great Guitarist EMERGENZA London Band Finalist 2006

Lord This man should have been the ROCK IDOL of Malaysia however like all the Great…

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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia.

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Music Label

Deathstar Productions

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