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Americanaok - Now That's AmericanaOK

Americanaok - Now That's AmericanaOK
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Traditional, roots and folk music has always been the soundtrack to Tom Fahey's life. It's a passion that has been simmering since he was first exposed to jigs and reels, while growing up in Clare in Ireland. But since moving to Edinburgh, Tom has found the perfect medium for sharing his devotion in the form of a weekly roots music radio show, AmericanaOK, syndicated to 12 international radio stations worldwide.
Tom works in Local Government. He spends much of his working day on recycling projects. Once a week, however, his voice reaches a potential audience of millions, in cities as far-flung as Nashville, Vancouver and Hobart, Australia.
When he first moved to Edinburgh, Tom spent a year learning the ropes with community radio stations Leith FM and Radio Free Porty. He soon realised he…

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