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Blastin Sounds - Throw Down Your Weapon

Blastin Sounds - Throw Down Your Weapon
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Hello Fans, I've just released 6 new songs, the songs range from "Throw Down Your Weapon", which deals with social injustices, human rights violations, etc.. to the senuous "Are You The Angel Of Love", where you can feel your lover embrace, and their LOVE flowing thru you. "Lean On Me", by Bill Withers, is a Classic Master piece, as humans, we are supposed to HELP our brothers and sisters, when they are in NEED, and everyone knows, that when all else fails, GOD IS THERE. I'm Still In Love With Y-O-U, displays the ROCK influence, HB, learned from Jimi Hendrix, he highlights the song with a change in the tempo and then brings you back to the groove, adding even more flavor to your musical experience. Nile Moon, Blastin Sounds, starts jammin in 5/4 time, HB's bass is from another time or space, he, follows, this up with a drum groove, that straight from the fusion era, and the guitar shows, no mercy.

Track Listing

  1. [6:28]
  2. [3:46]
  3. [5:06]
  4. [7:08]
  5. [2:55]
  6. [5:52]
  7. [3:02]

Blastin Sounds

The splendor of Blastin Sounds, is evident from the opening song: "Throw Down Your Weapon", (HB), attempts to portray life as it truly is on earth, right now. We, the people must make an attempt to bring about peace. No ONE individual has the power to bring about change overnight, but if we persist, our labors, will not be in vain. Lean On Me, by Bill Withers, displays, the solidity of Blastin Sounds, the drums, are holding down the rhythm, with the bass, adding punch and the guitar laying down melodic chords, that can please any music lover. And if taken literally, this song is about life, and the ups and downs, one may encounter, in this life. When all else, fails, CALL ON ME, (GOD).

I'm Still In Love With Y-O-U, love is like fire, if…

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