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Madison Mckoy - 10th Child

Madison Mckoy - 10th Child
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Cool groovin' tracks crossing styles of Janet, Luther, Baby Face and Stevie ... with a bit of an Australian-American twist.

Track Listing

  1. Birth2Stage
  2. [3:38]
  3. [3:18]
  4. [3:19]
  5. Hello...
  6. [3:14]
  7. [4:01]
  8. [5:34]
  9. Wake Up!
  10. [3:48]
  11. [3:47]
  12. [3:48]
  13. [3:53]
  14. [4:48]
  15. Mama
  16. [8:40]

Madison Mckoy

Madison MckoyArmed with cool melodies, eclectic lyrics and an infectious smile, American-Australian Madison McKoy is ready to take on the world. Easily crossing the RnB, Pop, and Soul genre, Madison’s music reflects immediate familiarity reminiscent of Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross, and a touch of Seal in an adult contemporary style.

Madison’s current project is his new self-financed independent CD ‘10th Child’ which is set for release on 19 November 2005, beginning with his launch at Sydney’s renowned “Metro Theatre”.

Don’t think that this North Carolina-born fella has been sitting on his laurels since migrating to Sydney in 1994 though. Madison’s official title, “actor-singer-songwriter”, sums him up to a tee. Before embarking upon his latest recording journey, Madison was cast in the…

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Sydney, NSW - Australia.

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Seal, Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie, Janet Jackson, Will Downing, Phil Collins.

Music Label

MJM Entertainment

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