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Faye Patton - No Stranger

Faye Patton - No Stranger
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Soulful,original and luminous songwriting, singing and playing on this lushly produced and punchy EP. A journey which transports the listener through a landscape of jazz, funk, pop, folk and even drum n' bass. Soaring, redemptive vocals and tight, funky piano playing make this a collectors item for fans of Faye Patton.

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Track Listing

  1. [5:01]
  2. [6:00]
  3. [7:14]
  4. [4:46]
  5. [5:33]

Faye Patton

Faye Patton

A stunning new presence at the very cutting edge of the cutting edge.....Faye Patton is an unusual jazz singer/songwriter and pianist whose music is difficult to categorise. She has a pioneering sound that owes much to the likes of Ray Charles, Junior Mance, Diamanda Galas and Rachelle Ferrell. Her piano playing has attracted comparisons with Bill Evans and Horace Silver. Her songs are lush, complex landscapes of love, loss, passion and inspiration....her rich, soul-inflected voice blending perfectly with her funky command of the piano. She is surely a formidable new talent with a wealth of original material. Though equipped with a pretty extensive repertoire of jazz standards and a piano bar playing history, she chooses to focus on her own original music and is so far entirely…

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London - England.

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