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Highlord - Instant Madness

Highlord - Instant Madness
  • Highlord - Instant Madness - Inlay
  • Highlord - Instant Madness - Back

One of the most melodic Metal album of the last years.

Track Listing

  1. [5:22]
  2. [6:01]
  3. [5:10]
  4. [5:36]
  5. [4:50]
  6. [8:16]
  7. [7:05]
  8. [5:03]


HIGHLORD joined together in 1996 with the monicker AVATAR. The band recorded a demo tape featuring the songs eventually released in the first album. Thanks to that tape label Underground Symphony had them sign for its roster, but because of line-up problems the band wasn't able to record the cd.
After a while the band reached a new agreement with another label, Northwind Records, to record its debut cd. New singer Vascè joined in and Heir of Power was finally recorded and released in 1998.
When the Aurora Falls... was recorded in June 2000 at New Sin Studios and released in January 2001, with the new drummer Luca Pellegrino. The response of the audience and specialized press was enthusiastic and Highlord could take place in the Italian and foreign Metal scene.
In 2002 Highlord contributed…

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Turin - Italy.

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