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J-Funk - Breakthru

J-Funk - Breakthru
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The "demo" release of J-FUNKs debut album was both sudden & drawn out. Some of the recordings are in fact nearly 10 years old. However, at least half of the album was created in the latter of 2006 & early 2007, recorded & mixed in the bedroom of J-FUNKs (very small) 1 bedroom apartment in North London. The "funkasoul" blend of funky beats, catchy melodies & slick harmonies creates a tasteful mix of developing songs destined for greatness. Additional mastering by J-FUNK & Jean-Michel Sutcliffe.

Track Listing

  1. [4:51]
  2. [3:19]
  3. [4:42]
  4. [5:01]
  5. [5:10]
  6. [1:52]
  7. [5:17]
  8. [6:03]
  9. [5:32]
  10. [5:41]



J-Funk infuses catchy melodies and slick vocal and instrumental harmonies, with funky rhythms, and jazz orientated chords to create his own versatile, slick and marketable style of funky soul music. Born in Melbourne, Australia, to an English father and South African mother, Justin Stephenson was raised under the influence of a very musical family & began singing and playing piano at the age of 3. Graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree in 2001 (majoring in Jazz Vocal) in Brisbane, Justin has taken his talents to Sydney and Melbourne, notably the Australia Day celebrations at Hyde Park in Sydney in 2001, and at the Melbourne Jazz Festival in 2004. Both of these performances were in collaboration with his two aunts - Trude and Anastasia Aspeling who are accomplished vocalists in…

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London, UK

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