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Little Joe Wallace - Rock Castle

Little Joe Wallace - Rock Castle
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Take a trip down into the Rock Castle.

Get a pass into the non stop life of the 21st Century Rock Castle. Find the Flag to be the bottom line-what we believe in-what we fight for-Some wear it on their sleeve with pride.

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Track Listing

  1. [3:33]
  2. [3:21]
  3. [3:41]
  4. [4:04]
  5. [6:06]
  6. [5:08]
  7. [4:57]
  8. [3:38]
  9. [2:35]
  10. [3:11]
  11. [5:13]

Little Joe Wallace

This is a trip for the KIDS - 21st century Boy starts in 2010 to record – growing into youth – Playing all the Days – keeps going into the music – love strat – refret – reset – then Bare Knuckle oh joy- following piano - bass lines just flow - like THE WELL was recorded in one take-just a loose sunny day- didn’t notice it happening - then a few weeks later hearing it again by chance-thought maybe add a bit a bass- little splash of guitar - the lyric appeared – left the piano bare blemishes too. Other songs took months! The Black Tower the most awesome track of war took almost a year and you will say it ain't finished yet but it finished me. Medieval romantic love inspired acoustic 'My Lady’s Bower’. Rock Castle is almost country rock for kids. Its all for us kids. Big and wee.

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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