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Matt Johnson - Line Of Sight

Matt Johnson - Line Of Sight
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Line of Sight is a guitar lover's CD! Not just a bunch of licks. Matt Johnson has captured and infused his influences to create a musical venture filled with great hooks, melodic lines, and firey solos!

Track Listing

  1. [4:03]
  2. [4:05]
  3. [4:17]
  4. [3:36]
  5. [4:46]
  6. [3:47]
  7. [4:12]
  8. [6:15]
  9. [4:43]

Matt Johnson

Matt JohnsonPlaying since the age of 11, Matt was captivated by the guitar long before he would ever own one. Although primarily self-taught, he had great instructors early on who recognized his burning ambition and pointed him in the right direction by exposing him to many different styles that would eventually make him the versatile player he is today.
Listening and practicing to everything from Racer X,Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Steely Dan and Frank Zappa recordings all through his teen years landed him gigs with many bands in his local scene; Weather it was country, blues, heavy metal or top 40 Matt became the "first-call" guitarist for bands local and out of town.
In 2003 Matt released his first all instrumental CD entitled Line Of Sight, which highlights his skills not only as a lead guitarist but…

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Menominee, Michigan - USA.

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