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Robin Falcon - Original Sin

Robin Falcon - Original Sin
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With beautifully played acoustic instruments, evocative strings, strong words & melodies, and Robin's emotive vocal, this is an album that you will listen to again and again. Songs of love, grief, sex, humour and redemption.

Track Listing

  1. [4:07]
  2. [3:20]
  3. [3:05]
  4. [4:37]
  5. [3:26]
  6. [5:23]
  7. [3:52]
  8. [2:55]
  9. [3:46]

Robin Falcon

Robin Falcon is a singer-songwriter with a background of writing and performing in bands, including Deep South in the 90's. This is Robin's first solo album release, after several albums with Deep South and more recently with his new band The Crossfire. Recorded with the multi-talented Geoffrey Richardson, of Caravan and Penguin Cafe Orchestra fame, whose beautiful string playing really makes this album stand out.

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Canterbury, Kent

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