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$corpio - Dinner Is Served

$corpio - Dinner Is Served
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'Dinner Is Served' is the second studio album by hip hop artist $corpio. Shrouded with controversy and debate upon its release, this record sees $corpio pushing the boundaries even further and highlights his many talents. Like his previous album ('Risin' Above Da Rest'), this record is intelligent and relentless. The hypnotic lyrics shock and entice the listener, making this a powerful and enduring album. This is truly a Manchester hip hop unique masterpeice. Includes the massive single 'Back In Your Place' with help from his cousin Ice-B.

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Track Listing

  1. [4:08]
  2. [4:17]
  3. [4:15]
  4. [3:03]
  5. [3:28]
  6. [4:04]
  7. [3:58]
  8. [4:04]
  9. [3:13]
  10. [3:48]
  11. [3:35]
  12. [3:17]
  13. [2:57]
  14. [4:18]
  15. [3:22]
  16. [3:50]
  17. [2:51]


$corpio started back in 1999. He had just left school and decided to write his first song. He showed a couple of friends to see what they thought because he needed a second opinion about the idea. The song wasn't your normal composed sort of beat. He recorded his own beat box (using his voice) on to tape and sung over it afterwards. The song was about a girl he had a crush on in school. He explains ''I picked up from this song and started to talk about different situations that have happened in my life''.
In 2000 he decided to tell three of his cousins what he was doing and what he had planned to be. The cousins seemed very interested and wanted to get into it straight away. After a while he couldn't stop writing songs. Day in day out, idea's kept popping inside his head, and they still…

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Manchester - England.

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