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Space Bikini - Permkin Merfins

Space Bikini - Permkin Merfins
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After many months of work, rest and play, Space Bikini's debut album, Permkin Merfins, is now available. Recorded in mY dAd's gArAgE in front of a live street audience earlier in 2006 the album contains 11 tracks ranging from the first ever penned Space Bikini track from back in 2003, to songs written during the recording sessions.

Track Listing

  1. [3:16]
  2. [3:09]
  3. [4:06]
  4. [4:59]
  5. [3:23]
  6. [3:58]
  7. [5:03]
  8. [4:20]
  9. [2:37]
  10. [3:44]
  11. [4:10]

Space Bikini

Space BikiniSpace Bikini was formed when 3 old friends decided to put their creative brains together and write music that they themselves would indeed be very happy to listen to. The plan was, and still is, for the band to have as much fun as possible chasing their dream of making sweet music together for a living. Space Bikini look forward to many more creatively prosperous years as the only 3-piece rock band in Hampshire UK with a popular ladies swimming garment in their name.

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Farnborough, Hampshire - England.

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