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Sweet Black Angels - Beneath Shadows

Sweet Black Angels - Beneath Shadows
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In a time and a country where a frog can rule the charts, this is a timely reminder that good riffs, well scripted words and a pounding rhythm section can restore your belief in good old fashioned rock and roll. This album is the spritual brother of Definately Maybe, with the messiah as it's sister. Whether it's a soaring ballad or a cacophonous wall of sound rocker, this album delivers.

Track Listing

  1. [6:16]
  2. [4:18]
  3. [5:30]
  4. [3:54]
  5. [8:08]
  6. [4:26]
  7. [5:26]
  8. [6:54]
  9. [4:38]
  10. [6:42]
  11. [9:04]

Sweet Black Angels

Sweet Black Angels
"Melodic rock confronting human complacency and the ever growing lack of ambition amongst us and a lack of hope for youth growing up in towns with little opportunity, it's time for change..."
Sweet Black Angels: Born out of frustration at the so called "English music scene" and the music industry in general, geared more towards manufactured boy/girl groups with low overheads and fast cash returns. With less chance of recognitions for true musicians and songwriters, the band felt compelled to try and re-establish what this country used to be famed for.
We are five friends who came together to make music that we believe in, that we could share with others and maybe open their eyes to a different way of living or question the things we are led to believe. We…

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Exeter, Devon - England.

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