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Mirror Mirror - Kick It

Mirror Mirror - Kick It
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The 2006 CD from Mirror Mirror, the 80's style rock band from Parkersburg - USA, who have steadily build a huge following with their high energy live shows.

Track Listing

  1. [4:45]
  2. [4:50]
  3. [4:13]
  4. [3:32]
  5. [4:31]
  6. [3:06]
  7. [3:06]
  8. [3:29]
  9. Kick It Reprise [0:30]

Mirror Mirror

Mirror MirrorThe Story of Mirror Mirror began in June 1998. The original members included Scotty Beach, (Guitar), Sean Sandy (Drums), Michael Richards (Bass), and Tracy Allen (Vocals, and Acoustic). We were a band without a name for several weeks. Throwing around names such as Rock Candy, Aftershock, etc etc. Until Scotty came up with Mirror Mirror from one of his favorite Star Trek episodes, so the name stuck.
In no time at all we were building a strong following with our 80’s style and high energy shows.
In the fall of 1999, Mirror Mirror went to work on our first CD titled “Better Ways”. The disc seemed to be a hit, gaining national interest with record companies, such as Jet Speed Records (California) and Jay Byrd records (New York); we thought we were “Rock Stars”. After having an attorney read…

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Parkersburg, WV - USA.

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