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Undercover Entertainment - A Latino Christmas

Undercover Entertainment - A Latino Christmas
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Experience an enduring surprise of exotic and intimate creativeness to old favourite Christmas songs. This undercover team give you over an hour of jubilant delightful sounds that keep you feeling cheerful and alive. Simply unique and I highly recommend it as a wonderful new addition to any stocking this year.

Track Listing

  1. [4:32]
  2. [5:11]
  3. [6:06]
  4. [4:41]
  5. [4:36]
  6. [4:18]
  7. [5:04]
  8. [5:21]
  9. [5:38]
  10. [4:33]
  11. [3:09]
  12. [3:13]
  13. [3:18]
  14. [4:19]
  15. [6:53]

Undercover Entertainment

Clare Heasly is a self-produced singer and songwriter. Her career spans over 25 years in the entertainment industry evolving differently to most artists.
Her inaugural career began as a qualified theatrical stage technician in live entertainment. Clare specialised in stage management for Australia's largest musicals and live productions, such as 'Cats' and '42nd Street', the Royal Australian Air Forces' 75th Anniversary for the ABC, and directed Tina Arena in her national'In Deep' album tour to highlight a few.
She spent time working in radio as both a writer and announcer before extending herself into music creatively.
Clare turned professional as a singer in 2003 and created 'Undercover Entertainment'. Clare has co-written tracks 13 and 14 of A Latino Christmas.

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Melbourne, Victoria - Australia.

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Undercover Entertainment

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