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Vector - Synthonic

Vector - Synthonic
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Born Victor Carlson in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, Vector was the youngest of five boys. His mother was a church organist and his father a great lover of music so composing was almost a pre-destiny.
From an early age, Vector listened to Folk, Bluegrass, Progressive Rock and 80's Metal, but his earliest memories are of listening with his father to symphonic composers both classical and modern. One of the first albums in his father's collection to catch Vector's ear was Walter Carlos' Switched on Bach.
Other influences in electronic music include artists like Tangerine Dream, Larry Fast as Synergy and Jean-Michel Jarre. Vector made sure that he was around music throughout his school years. He was in drama and chorus in Junior High and High School while during the summer months he could be…

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Canoga Park, Los Angeles - USA.

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OftTrakd Enterrtainment

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