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Kordaze - Your Today

Kordaze - Your Today
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10 songs...4 fast...3 medium and want something a little more descriptive? Well let's see, "Your Today" combines sounds reminiscent of bands such as Coldplay, Better Than Ezra, Crowded House and Dave Maththews Band with shadows of (or "traces of" can't decide which sounds better) the vocal styles of James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby, Paul Simon and Neil Young. Sometimes rough & edgy, other times gentle & empathic. Always inspirational and a good listen.

Track Listing

  1. [4:49]
  2. [5:17]
  3. [6:03]
  4. [3:57]
  5. [6:15]
  6. [5:11]
  7. [4:46]
  8. [5:33]
  9. [5:15]
  10. [11:19]


We started out in 2004 in a small coastal town called Knysna (South Africa).
To keep the dream alive we played any type of gig available from wedding to background to corporate function all the while trying to organise our own gigs where people could listen to our orginal music.
Unfortunately most Punters are only interested in what they already know so we decided that the way forward was to record our debut album ourselves and start marketing it online, at gigs and through word of mouth (hardly original but we do what we can).
It took about a year to record but by early 2005 we had an album we could be proud of, something we'd poured our hearts and souls into.
In 2006 the decision was made to relocate (temporarily) to the UK where, we felt, we would have a better chance of gaining exposure…

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Poole, Dorset - England.

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Coldplay, Switchfoot, Better Than Ezra, Crowded House, Dave Matthews Band, James Taylor, Neil Young.

Music Label

Blue Piano Records

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