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Eve Of Mind - Let's Take A Ride E.P.

Eve Of Mind - Let's Take A Ride E.P.
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21st Century Rock - Pure Energy - Melodic Rock - Life Force - Life Affirming Positive Rock.

Track Listing

  1. [3:30]
  2. [5:05]
  3. [5:14]
  4. [7:11]

Eve Of Mind

Eve Of MindEve Of Mind are a 4 piece rock group from Cork, Ireland. The members are: Ger Buckley, Brian Cleary, Zullo & Keats on the beats.
In the turbulent month of January, vocalist Ger went through a very intense & prolific writing period where he wrote a new album in under a fortnight entitled "Welcome To Our Scenery". A concept album, it explains the bands philosophy on life with Fun, Happiness, Freedom & Creative Expression being key factors in their mentality. How this amazing band joined to make such beautiful music happens to be quite a bizarre tale. A very peculiar occurrence of strange events led to this happening. In short, Ger & bassist Brian formed their first band nearly a decade ago, went to New York in 2001, and then left following the chaos of 9/11.…

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Cork - Ireland.

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