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Unreasonable Footprints - Amazing Feat

Unreasonable Footprints - Amazing Feat
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Take a slice of Peter Gabriel, an essence of Pink Floyd and The Killers, mix with fresh lyrics and a large sprinkling of original ideas and sounds, and you have Amazing Feat by Unreasonable Footprints.

Track Listing

  1. [3:48]
  2. [3:57]
  3. [5:41]
  4. [4:51]
  5. [4:13]
  6. [4:43]
  7. [3:56]
  8. [6:18]
  9. [4:24]

Unreasonable Footprints

Formed in 1992, Unreasonable Footprints are Iain Morton (vocals, drums, keyboards) and Adrian Hall (guitar, keyboards, vocals). The style is more rock than pop but there is a big variety of styles represented in their music.
Amazing Feat is the band's third album. "We are really pleased with this one”, Iain said, “I think it has some of the strongest songs we have done”. Who is safe? and Endless Sin are both dark, sinister works whereas Absence contains some of the best uplifting instrumental sections the band has produced to date. “After writing together for many years, we feel now that the stuff we are creating is really us. We’re already half way into the next album!”

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Chester, Cheshire - England.

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