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Spirit Of Love - The Journey's Over

Spirit Of Love - The Journey's Over
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The Journey's Over is the debut cd of the duo, Spirit of Love. All 14 tracks were written by Juliet and Bruce are of a spiritual and romantic nature.

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Track Listing

  1. [3:41]
  2. [3:05]
  3. [3:09]
  4. [4:21]
  5. [2:49]
  6. [3:01]
  7. [2:59]
  8. [3:27]
  9. [4:51]
  10. [2:22]
  11. [4:12]
  12. [2:47]
  13. [2:40]
  14. [5:09]

Spirit Of Love

Spirit Of LoveJuliet Nisbet and Bruce Birrell are two like minded singer/songwriters who came together in 2008 and have just recorded their first album, " The Journey's Over ". The name of the band " Spirit of Love " was inspired by the content of their songs, which are of a romantic and spiritual nature, and were all written by Juliet and Bruce. They have developed a unique style which very much conveys the atmosphere of the content of their songs.
The title song of their new album " The Journey's Over ", which was written by Juliet, has a most moving sentiment and may give comfort to those who have lost a loved one. Juliet and Bruce have been performing throughout the East of Scotland since they came together in 2008 and entertain in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Day Centre's, they bring much joy to…

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Dalkeith, Midlothian - Scotland.

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