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Burnshee Thornside - Blues And Misc.

Burnshee Thornside - Blues And Misc.

As the title reveals: a lot of blues, but not without with some surprises! And as always with Burnshee Thornside, the music is groovy and the lyrics are cruel :-) Especially the songs "You can't dance", "Your too expensive for me" and "Not the one blues". But there's also some happy moments. Check out "Happy Blues" and the happy go lucky instrumental: "Ha Keem". Enjoy!

Track Listing

  1. [4:06]
  2. [3:26]
  3. [3:34]
  4. [3:43]
  5. [3:20]
  6. [3:05]
  7. [3:17]
  8. [3:10]
  9. [4:03]
  10. [3:15]
  11. [2:33]
  12. [2:51]

Burnshee Thornside

Burnshee ThornsideThe third release from K. Burnshee and Matt Thornside. (The funky "Steely Dan Duo" from Sweden.) This album is a joyful mix of jazz-soul, funky jazzrock and some beautiful ballads, along with intelligent, funny and out-of-the-ordinary lyrics. "How did they come up with that? That's not something you can write a song about... Or? I guess they just did...".
During a period of 10 months, 15 songs have been selected and recorded at Resaro Studios. Burnshee Thornside will take you through the story of Errol Flynn ("Dear Errol"), the tragic life of the first woman to make plastic surgery ("Consuelo") and the life of a man who can't seem to avoid having sex with every woman he meets (Tennis in Venice).
And there's more. "Wish I could write lyrics like Bob Dylan" is a philosophic and bitter…

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Vaxholm, Stockholm - Sweden.

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