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Curst Sons - Hell Awaits You

Curst Sons - Hell Awaits You

The Curst Sons’ keenly anticipated follow up to “A Day Late and a Dollar Short”, “Hell Awaits You”, continues the boys’ vigorous rummage through the roots music of pre Rock & Roll USA. Irreverently mixing elements of Blues, Folk and Bluegrass with occasional hints of Afro-Latin and New Orleans Jazz, the Curst Sons’ raw and rootsy sound is both deeply traditional and weirdly contemporary. Luke Cresswell plays percussion on three of the tracks on Hell Awaits You. Oscar nominated film director and joint creator of the international percussion sensation STOMP, Luke has worked with BEATS INTERNATIONAL, BETTE MIDLER, BRYAN FERRY, ELVIS COSTELLO, and FREAK POWER. He is also a prolific writer of music for TV.

Track Listing

  1. Little Notebook
  2. When I Give You My Love
  3. Hell Awaits You
  4. On The Road Again
  5. WTMY Blues
  6. Hobo
  7. Young Bride
  8. Golden Vanity
  9. Voodoo Slim
  10. Cast 'em Way

Curst Sons

Curst SonsREVIEWS:

Grassroots genres mixed together for something entirely fresh, original and genuine.
Music-News ****

R2 (Rock’n’Reel) ****

The Curst Sons are definitely unique, and in an industry where too many bands play really great music that sounds the same as too many other bands, that’s a major plus. … No one will listen to this album and be untouched by it.
Backroads Music

…sometimes macabre, always engaging lyrical numbers, take their influences from Americana, blues, Irish folk to roots and more, embracing the history of these genres and adapting them into something new and just as exciting. – catch one of their animated live shows for a rip-roaring good time.
The Brighton Source

As fine a band as we’ve ever had in session on the…

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Brighton, East Sussex - England.

Music Label

Curst Mountain

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